Who we are

About us

Thanks to our development in various disciplines and the pure craftsmanship we offer, we occupy a unique position in the world of hydraulics. Our products guarantee that you receive thorough customisation, designed and built by specialists. In addition: short delivery times and competitive prices.
Originally starting out as a supplier of components, we soon became a producer of complete systems. We then went on to design and manufacture manifolds: in aluminium and steel, in full compliance with your specifications. With the aid of various cartridges and/or CETOP valves, we ensure that these products fully meet your wishes. Compact and geared completely to your needs.

Standard power packs

Our standard power packs have not only made a name for themselves due to their robust construction and suitability for continuous production under difficult circumstances. But also thanks to numerous specific features, such as the application of noise-reducing bell housing and a universal threading system, making possible a combination of CETOP3 and 5 valves.
The standardised, modular form of construction guarantees a wide choice, linked with fast delivery times.

Special power packs

Naturally, we also supply special power packs. Built and executed in your chosen construction form, dimensions and materials. And paying special attention to flexibility and life span! With the support of extremely reliable partners in the electronics and construction field, we can deliver turnkey projects, exactly as you require.

Own imports

Thanks to our own imports, we can supply an exceptionally wide range of components. Many come from renowned European manufacturers. This carefully compiled package of products and components means that we can meet virtually all of your hydraulic wishes quickly and adequately.
Problem solving
You can turn to us with virtually all of your hydraulic problems. We count detecting faults and providing advice among our many qualities.
By responding promptly to changes and developments in the market and by tackling new challenges head on, we have become increasingly specialised through the years. You can benefit from this. Whether you want us to supply a simple component from stock or engineer and manufacture a complete installation.

Choosing Rijkers Hydrauliek?

That also means choosing progress in your motion!